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About Carol Woodland

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Biography of Carol Woodland

Carol has always lived in Nova Scotia.  She spent her younger years growing up in Clementsport.  She married and lived the next 24 years in Deep Brook, together with her husband Lloyd, raising their son and daughter.  A move to Upper Clements a few years ago now has her living a short distance from Upper Clements Park.

Carol always had a love for art but never had the time to seriously pursue it.  She has taken some classes in tole painting and dabbled in that as a hobby, but after a time found that it was not challenge enough.

In 1977 she did her first painting and never looked back.  She has not taken any lessons in painting and is a self taught artist.  Initially, she painted in acrylics but a few years ago she ventured into oils and completed her first oil painting.  Now the majority of her paintings are done in oil. 

She enjoys painting landscapes and has a special love for painting scenes that are familiar to her, and that she has a great appreciation for.  She also loves to paint birds and just receiently branched out into painting animals.

In 2000, she became a member of the Castle Art Gallery at Upper Clements park and displayed her work there until 2007 at which time the gallery was closed by the park.  She has sold paintings that have gone to many parts of Canada and the USA as well as Australia, Hawaii and Europe and various other places around the globe.

Her work can also be found at the "Scallop Palate Gallery" located in Digby General Hospital.

Carol has entered and won prizes for her paintings at various judged competitions throughout the valley area.

Now that she is retired she hopes to devote more time to her love of painting.